Abstract Modern Art Charging Bull Original Signed Bronze Statue Sculpture Desktop 8″ x 7″



Condition: This sculpture is in perfect conditionBronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 8″ X Width 7″Marble Dimensions:3″ X 3″Height without base:5″Weight:7 LBSInventory:42AL4504124Original or Reproduction: Original
This captivating modern and abstract sculpture portrays the intense energy of a charging bull, captured in a moment of dynamic movement. With its head down, flared nostrils, and tightened muscles, the bull rears up, ready to stomp the ground and release a powerful grunt, asserting its presence. The sculpture vividly conveys the bull’s heightened state of anger and determination, as it envisions a nemesis to charge and confront. The sharp and solid horns, along with the thick rolls of muscle around its neck, showcase the bull’s physical prowess, emphasizing its readiness for confrontations of strength.

The charging bull is frozen in a pose that radiates power and aggression, creating a true masterpiece of bronze artwork. The modern and abstract design of this sculpture makes it a perfect fit for contemporary themes, adding a bold and dynamic element to any space. Crafted by hand using 100% bronze and mounted on a solid black marble base, the sculpture features a two-tone brown patina that enhances its visual appeal. The ancient “Lost Wax Method” ensures the intricate details are faithfully preserved, adding depth to the overall composition.

Signed by the artist Milo, this sculpture not only captures the essence of the charging bull but also reflects the skill and artistry of its creator. The choice of materials and the meticulous casting process contribute to the enduring quality of this piece. It stands as a powerful representation of the untamed energy and strength embodied by the bull, making it a striking addition to any art collection or a focal point in a modern-themed environment.


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