African Rhinoceros Rhino Colorful Bronze Metal Sculpture Statue Figure on Marble Base


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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect conditionBronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 4″ X Width 5.5″Marble Dimensions:5.5″ X 3″Height without base:3″Weight:3 LBSInventory:85ST1154558Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
captured in this exquisite bronze sculpture. The rhinoceros’s horn, an unmistakable symbol of its power and individuality, is complemented by its formidable size and presence. This piece portrays the rhinoceros’s head with remarkable accuracy, highlighting its distinctive ill-temper and immense strength through the intense expression etched upon its face.

For the avid wildlife enthusiast, this sculpture is a true testament to the artistry of nature. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail exemplify the rhinoceros’s unique characteristics, making it a striking addition to any collection. Crafted using the esteemed lost wax method, this sculpture is a manifestation of both artistic skill and reverence for the natural world.

Poised upon a sleek black marble base, this sculpture exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication that complements its powerful subject. The signature of the esteemed artist Dali adds an extra layer of quality and prestige to this remarkable piece. Invite the awe-inspiring spirit of the rhinoceros into your space with this evocative bronze sculpture, a fusion of art and nature that resonates with both beauty and strength.


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