Art Deco Bronze Sculpture Amazon Warrior Nude with Spear (1925) by Marcel Bouraine


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Condition: This sculpture is in a perfect conditionBronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 12″ X Width 20″Marble Dimensions: 15″ X 5.5″Height without base:11 “Weight:17 LBSInventory:31RL0369213Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
Marcel-André Bouraine, born in Pontoise, France, was a sculptor deeply influenced by realism, particularly under the guidance of Jean-Alexandre-Joseph Falguière. His career saw notable exhibitions, with contributions to the Salon des Tuileries and Salon d’Automne. During World War I, Bouraine was captured and interned in Switzerland. In the post-war period, he collaborated with prestigious French firms, creating small-scale sculptures for Susse Frères, La Verrier, and Arthur Goldscheider.

In 1928, Bouraine received a commission from Gabriell Argy-Rousseau, resulting in a series of figurines, including translucent pâte de verre female nudes, a fountain, and an illuminated group. Notably, he undertook major projects for the 1937 Paris International Exhibition, showcasing his versatility with a colored cement low relief for a fountain and an earthenware statue representing ceramics for the Sèvres Pavilion. This French Art Deco Patinated-Bronze Female Amazon Sculpture, crafted after a model by Marcel Bouraine, epitomizes his skill in capturing dynamic and alluring forms.

The sculpture portrays a scantily clad warrior with windswept hair, wielding a spear, and poised atop a stylized rectangular base. Bouraine’s signature is a testament to the authenticity of this exquisite piece, showcasing the artist’s mastery in depicting strength and beauty. This Art Deco masterpiece is a stunning representation of Bouraine’s contribution to the dynamic and innovative artistic landscape of his time. Height 12 inches, width 15 inches.


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