Artemis Diana The Huntress w/ Dogs Nude Figure Bronze Sculpture Statue



Condition: This sculpture is in perfect conditionBronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 12″ X Width 7″Marble Dimensions:7″ X 4″Height without base:11″Weight:8 LBSInventory:21B4164512Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
This striking bronze sculpture presents the iconic figure of “Diana the Hunter,” captured in a moment of strength and determination. Crafted using the meticulous “Lost Wax Method,” the handmade sculpture showcases Diana in the act of releasing her bow, her small breasts exposed and her body poised in a dynamic pose. The sculptor pays exquisite attention to detail, delineating the outline of her muscles, the slender curve of her body, and the flow of her wavy hair in the wild winds of the forest.

Standing on her toes with a firm, slender physique, Diana’s gaze is fixed on her target, embodying both power and grace. The sculpture is elevated by the inclusion of two hunting dogs at her feet, adding depth to the narrative. The choice of mounting the sculpture on a marble base enhances its aesthetic appeal and provides a fitting pedestal for this mythological representation.

Diana, known as both “Diana Nemorensis” and “Artemis,” is a complex figure in Italian and Greek mythology. The sculpture alludes to the duality of her identity and the merging of Italian and Greek influences. The mythological context surrounding Diana, as a goddess of the woodland with rites involving brutality and human sacrifice, adds layers of intrigue to the narrative. This unique piece, signed by the talented artist Josef Lorenzl, invites viewers to contemplate the rich mythology and symbolism associated with Diana the Hunter.


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