Atlantis Poseidon Neptune Sea Greek God Marine Ocean Art Bronze Marble Base Gift


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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 22″ X Width 13″Marble Dimensions:7″ X 7″Height without base:21″Weight:15 LBS Inventory:90X0096809Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
Immerse yourself in the majestic world of Greek mythology with this captivating bronze sculpture of Poseidon, the powerful deity of the ocean and seas. Standing tall and proud, Poseidon is depicted atop a magnificent dolphin, symbolizing his mastery over the vast waters below. With a commanding presence, the nude figure gazes upon the waves, observing the fury and the creatures that dwell beneath him.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this handmade bronze sculpture was cast using the ancient and revered lost-wax casting method. This traditional technique ensures the highest quality and intricate craftsmanship, capturing the essence of Poseidon’s strength and grace. The sculpture is adorned with a rich brown patina finish, adding depth and character to the artwork.

Mounted upon a sleek black marble base, this sculpture stands as a testament to the artistic vision of A. Moreau. The combination of the bronze figure and the marble base creates a visually striking display, showcasing the timeless beauty of Greek mythology. With the artist’s signature, this sculpture guarantees its quality and adds value to its collectible appeal.

Invite the awe-inspiring presence of Poseidon into your space with this remarkable bronze sculpture. Whether displayed in a private collection or as a centerpiece in your home, this exquisite piece will capture the imagination and serve as a constant reminder of the power and grandeur of the Greek gods.


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