Eagles & Bear Hunting Fish Original Bronze Sculpture Statue Art by Milo on Marble Base


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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect conditionBronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11″ X Width 9.5″Marble Dimensions:6.5″ X 5″Height without base:10″Weight:12 LBSInventory:53YDW2498135Original or Reproduction: Original
This captivating bronze sculpture, titled “Who’s Fish is it,” is an original artwork by the renowned artist Milo. This remarkable piece captures the essence of the wild with a powerful depiction of a bear, eagle, and buffalo in a harmonious interaction. The artist’s signature ensures its authenticity and value.

Handcrafted with meticulous care using the timeless lost wax method, this sculpture radiates artistic mastery. The rich brown patina finish adds depth and dimension to the intricate details of the bear, eagle, and buffalo, enhancing the lifelike quality of the scene. Resting on a sleek black marble base, this sculpture becomes a striking focal point in any space.

Milo’s artistic prowess shines through in every nuance of this bronze masterpiece. The intricate interplay between the bear, eagle, and buffalo invites contemplation and appreciation for the beauty of nature. “Who’s Fish is it” is more than a sculpture; it’s a testament to the artist’s skill and the enduring allure of bronze art.


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