Greyhound Lover Elegant Nude Female Woman Dog Bronze Marble Statue Art Sculpture



Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 14″ x Width 6″Marble Dimensions: Diameter 6″.Height without base: 13″Weight : 10 LBSInventory:28YRD12974882Original or Reproduction: Original
This is a wonderful statue of a woman with her dog. The woman is middle aged and fancily dressed. She is wearing a long beautifully detailed dress that hangs from her shoulders and has a broach under her bosom. Around her waist her dress is gathered giving her form more curves, each crease detailed with a pattern. On her thigh is a clip that again holds up the fabric of her dress, revealing her slender leg and bare feet. Her hair is wavy and gathered in a bun that a braid hangs from to her shoulders. Her eyes are closed and she has the look of relaxation while her right hand fans her face with a feather. Staring upwards at her is a loyal creature, an Egyptian pharaoh dog, slender with pointed ears, her hand reaches near him and he leans to embrace the affection. Handmade using the “Lost Wax Method” and made of solid 100% bronze with a two tone brown patina. Signed J.Kassin.


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