Hot Cast Bronze Rearing Stallion Horse Bronco Western Decor Signed Art Sculpture Statue



Condition: This sculpture is in perfect conditionBronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 18″ X Width 12″Marble Dimensions: Diameter 6″Height without base:17″Weight:14 LBSInventory:17YRD3687571Original or Reproduction: Reproduction

This majestic sculpture captures the dynamic essence of a rearing horse, likely a powerful stallion. The artist has skillfully depicted the horse in a moment of intense energy and expression, as it elevates itself high, releasing a resounding neigh with ears back. The sculpture beautifully showcases the horse’s lean and toned physique, with every muscle intricately detailed, conveying a sense of strength and power inherent in this magnificent creature.

The attention to detail extends to the horse’s mane and tail, both long and whimsical, with the tail gracefully reaching the ground. A broken tree stump stands beside the horse, featuring an extended branch along its body adorned with rings and stubs, adding an element of nature to the composition. Crafted entirely from 100% solid bronze, this sculpture exudes durability and timelessness, emphasizing the enduring beauty of the horse.

Resting upon a solid black marble base, the sculpture becomes a striking focal point, enhancing its overall presentation. The use of the “Lost Wax Method,” an ancient casting technique, ensures precision and intricacy in capturing the intricate details of the horse and the surrounding elements. The two-tone brown patina further enhances the visual appeal, providing depth and dimension to the sculpture. Signed by the artist Barye, this masterpiece stands as a testament to the artist’s skill and the timeless grace of the rearing horse it portrays.


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