Hyppolyte Moreau Sexy Maiden Captive Bronze Sculpture Marble Base Statue Figure


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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 11″ X Width 4″Marble Dimensions: Diameter 4″Height without base:10″Weight:7 LBSInventory:43EP8694534Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
Hyppolyte François Moreau (French, 1832-1927) was a highly regarded sculptor known for his ability to capture the essence of beauty and emotion in his works. “Captive,” one of his notable sculptures, depicts a maiden beauty in a moment of serene contemplation. Seated gracefully on a ledge above a tree trunk, the figure exudes elegance and tranquility, with her flowing drapery and bare feet adding to the sense of vulnerability and captivation.

With “Captive,” Moreau demonstrates his mastery of form and expression, infusing the sculpture with a sense of timeless allure. The delicate details of the figure’s pose and the intricate folds of her garment reflect Moreau’s skillful craftsmanship and his dedication to capturing the human form in all its complexity. The rich brown patination further enhances the sculpture’s beauty, imbuing it with a sense of warmth and depth that draws the viewer in.

Mounted on a black marble base, this reproduction of “Captive” is a testament to Moreau’s enduring legacy as a sculptor of exceptional talent. Each viewing offers a glimpse into the artist’s vision and his ability to evoke emotion and contemplation through his art. As a cherished piece in any collection, “Captive” serves as a reminder of the timeless allure of beauty and the enduring power of artistic expression.


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