Mercury Hermes Greek Roman God Bronze Statue Sculpture on Marble Base



Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition.Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 18″ X Width 9″Marble Dimensions: Diameter 7″Height without base:17″Weight:20 LBSInventory:14Y1007841Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
This bronze rendition of the Roman mythological god Mercury captures the swift messenger in a moment of preparation. Seated among billowing clouds, Mercury is hurriedly tying his divine gear to fulfill his celestial duty. The viewer can witness him readying himself to deliver messages from the gods, flying swiftly between the earth and the heavens. He wears the iconic talaria, the winged sandals crafted by the god Hephaestus, made of imperishable gold that grant him the ability to fly as swiftly as any bird. A petasos crowns his head, a sun hat of Thessalian origin worn by ancient Greeks. As a winged hat, it symbolizes Mercury or his Greek counterpart, Hermes.

Mercury, also revered as the god of commerce, cunning, and invention, is depicted with meticulous detail in this sculpture. Cast using the ancient method of lost-wax casting, the piece is stained with a brown patina finish for preservation. The artist’s craftsmanship shines through in the intricate rendering of Mercury’s attire and the dynamic composition of the piece.

Mounted on a black marble base, this sculpture is both elegant and stable. The contrast between the rich bronze tones and the sleek black marble enhances its visual appeal, making it a striking centerpiece for any collection. The piece is signed by the artist Giambologna, a testament to its quality and artistic merit.


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