Roman Winged goddess Warrior of Victory Signed 100% Solid Bronze Sculpture



Condition: This sculpture is in perfect conditionBronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 25″ X Width 8″Marble Dimensions:8″ X 8″Height without base:24″ Weight:27 LBSInventory:59-Y23212595Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
Introducing “The Divine Angel,” a captivating bronze statue that transports viewers to the celestial realm. In this masterfully crafted sculpture, a celestial being is depicted seated upon a majestic throne, gazing down upon a tumultuous earthly battle. Inspired by the classical Roman and Hellenistic representations of winged angels, the artist skillfully captures the essence of divine grace and power. The intricate details of the angel’s wings stand as a testament to the masterful craftsmanship at play, with each feather meticulously rendered to evoke a sense of ethereal beauty and majesty. The sculpture freezes a poignant moment in time, as the angel is poised to bestow a laurel crown upon the successor of a martial victory, symbolizing triumph and honor. The overall presence of the angel radiates both serenity and strength, creating a divine aura that resonates with those who behold it.

Every nuance of this celestial masterpiece is carefully considered, from the exquisite feather detailing to the profound symbolism embedded in the scene. Mounted upon a sleek black marble base, the sculpture commands attention and adds a touch of elegance to any space. The artist’s signature, Becquerel, further authenticates the craftsmanship and value of this remarkable piece. “The Divine Angel” serves as a testament to the timeless allure of celestial beings and their intricate role in earthly affairs. It invites contemplation and reflection upon the interplay between the divine and mortal realms, serving as a poignant reminder of the enduring pursuit of victory, honor, and excellence.

Whether displayed in a personal collection, gracing a mantelpiece, or adorning a curio shelf, this bronze statue is an exquisite representation of angelic beauty and spiritual symbolism. “The Divine Angel” is a cherished addition to any art connoisseur’s collection and a meaningful gift for those captivated by the mystique of heavenly beings. Embrace the celestial realm with “The Divine Angel” and elevate the ambiance of your space with its enchanting presence.


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