Signed Moreau Nude Girl Floral Vase Bronze Figurine Hot Cast Hand Made Figurine


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Condition: This sculpture is in perfect conditionBronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 15″ X Width 11″Marble Dimensions: Diameter 5″Height without base:13″Weight:17 LBSInventory:74B66810047Original or Reproduction: Reproduction
This exquisite vase serves as the centerpiece in any room, featuring a captivating design where a nude woman delicately dangles off the edge, suspended over a field of blossoming flowers. The woman leans back, her flowing long hair caught in the wind, relishing the touch of the soft warm breeze against her delicate skin. The round vase is adorned with intricate vines and spirals of blossoming flowers that seem to pop out, showcasing the meticulous detailing of the sculpture.

Crafted entirely by hand using the “Lost Wax Method,” this vase is made from 100% bronze, ensuring durability and authenticity. The brown patina finish adds warmth and character to the piece, highlighting the fine details of the flowers and the woman’s form. Mounted on a marble base, the vase becomes an eye-catching addition to any space, offering a unique blend of artistry and functionality.

This versatile piece can be used as a flower pot, allowing its artistic and functional elements to seamlessly merge. The sculpture, signed by Moreau, invites viewers to appreciate the fusion of human form and nature, creating a harmonious and captivating work of art that can transform any environment. Whether placed as a standalone statement or integrated into a curated space, this Moreau-signed bronze vase stands as a testament to the beauty and creativity that can be achieved through the skilled craftsmanship of handmade art.


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